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Recent News In Hawaii of Interest To The Blind

News in Hawaii

Voting in 2020

Voting is important, in 2020 perhaps more so than ever. However, the ongoing COVID19 changes mean that this process looks different than it has in years past. Be My Eyes is making accessible voting information available by state in its app. 

Using Be My Eyes, you can check whether you are registered to vote, be guided through registering if you are not already, and receive information about voting by mail and COVID-19 guidelines specific to your state. According to Will Butler, president of Be my Eyes, "In a time where social distancing is still a huge part of daily lives for all Americans, it’s more important than ever that everyone has a way to access all necessary information, to make sure that they are motivated and confident about voting come November."

In order to access voting information and assistance, open the Be My Eyes app, enter the Specialized Help menu, and select from the list of available organizations in the “Civic Engagement” category. volunteers will be open to taking your calls through Be My Eyes Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm ET.


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