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White Cane Awareness Events & Walks - October 15

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About White Cane Awareness Day

The National Federation of the Blind celebrates White Cane Awareness Day every year on October 15.  In Hawaii, our Chapters organize White Cane Awareness walks or other events to create improved public awareness of the blind and of the white cane. 

The white cane is an essential tool that gives us the ability to achieve a full and independent life. It allows us to move freely and navigate safely from place to place—whether it's at work, at school, shopping, or around our neighborhoods.


"White Cane Awareness Day is our way of emphasizing the critical role that this tool plays in living the lives we want and informing the public about its true significance. "                             NFB President Mark A. Riccobono



East Hawaii Chapter Celebrates White Cane Awareness Day — October 15, 2019

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