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University of Hawaii Releases COVID 19 Report

The University of Hawaii released a report on April 15, 2020, entitled "Crunch the Curve: Urgent Steps Hawaii Can Take to Contain the COVID 19 Pandemic" that details a plan for Hawaii to minimize, as best we can, the impact of COVID 19. 



Latest News: When Will You Receive Your Stimulus Payments From the CARES ACT?


These Are the Latest News Items Related to Stimulus Payments for Individuals Coming From the CARES Act, Phase 3

April 23, 2020

If you get Social Security retirement, survivor, or disability benefits via direct deposit and didn't file a 2018 or 2019 tax return: Your payment will arrive in late April.

Nearly 99% of people who get these benefits receive them via direct deposit. That means the overwhelming majority of Social Security recipients are scheduled to receive coronavirus relief checks by the end of April.

If you get SSI: If you're an adult who receives SSI benefits, you should have your payment by early May, at the latest. Your payment will be deposited in the same way you usually receive your benefit.

Special Circumstances:  If you are a couple who is not required to file a tax return and has not because your income is low and only one of you is receiving Social Security benefits or SSI, you will only receive the $1200 for the spouse who is receiving benefits unless you immediately notify the IRS that you are a couple by entering your information in the non-filers website at:

If you do not notify the IRS and receive only the $1200 for one individual you will be able to claim the remaining $1200 for your spouse on your 2020 tax return filed by April 15, 2021.

Those who receive a paper check are in for a long wait: The IRS will begin mailing checks the week of April 20, starting with those who have incomes below $10,000. Each week, it will send another five million checks to groups with progressively higher incomes.

SSI and Veterans Affairs Benefit Recipients with Dependents: Register Now On the Non-Filers Website If You Do Not File Taxes


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